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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth &Removal

North Haven Family Dentistry can take care of wisdom teeth removal for their patients. When your teeth need to be removed, we will take care of you right away.

When Will You Need You Wisdom Teeth Removed?

here isn’t an exact way to know if you need your wisdom teeth removed. Some signs you can look out for are the following:

  • Incorrect growth
  • Pain or irritation
  • Difficulty eating
  • A cyst forms
  • Teeth are not straight
  • Cavities
  • Inflamed gums

Some dentist may ask to remove the teeth before these problems come to surface to save the mouth from further damage. If you are experiencing any of these complications or others go ahead and talk to your dentist about the possibility of removal.

How are the Teeth Removed?

The first step to getting your wisdom teeth removed is to determine if you’ll be put under either local anaesthesia (basic numbing of the area) or general anesthesia (being put under). Once you determine which way of anesthesia you would prefer your oral surgeon will insert the medicine and get ready to begin the surgery.

If your tooth has not surfaced yet than a small cut (incision) will be made, and a small piece of bone will have to be removed as well if covering the actual molar. Next, the tooth will be broken into smaller pieces to make the removal process easier. You will then feel a small amount of pressure before the tooth is extracted because the surgeon is having to wiggle the tooth back and forth to loosen the area for the tooth to slip out.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal?

If an incision has been made than stitches that dissolve will be placed in order to seal the gums together. The stitches usually take about 7-10 days to fully dissolve. Some people experience little to no pain after surgery is done. You will have slight swelling that could last up to 3 days.
Some simple steps can make the healing process move along:
  • ice the area from the outside, which means to place the ice packs along your cheeks
  • gently open and close your mouth to exercise the jaw
  • eat soft foods like pasta, rice, soup, and ice cream
  • drink plenty of fluids

What are the Signs of Dry Socket?

A dry socket is when the blood clot at the site of the tooth extraction fails to develop or dissolves before the wound has healed. A blood clot forms at the site of the tooth extraction to serve as a protective layer from the bone and nerves that are left in the empty socket.
Some symptoms that many people acquire are at the root of the tooth.

  • Sever pain several days after the extraction
  • Foul odor coming from your mouth
  • Unpleasant taste in your mouth

These are some of the signs of dry socket. You should contact us right away if you experience any of these.

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‚ÄčIf you are in pain, contact us right away. We will take care of your wisdom teeth as soon as possible. Let Dr. Bhupatiraju consults with you and determine the right treatment plan for your mouth.
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